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Check out our new additions to the website:

  • Would you like to donate to the “Make Mine Chocolate!™” campaign while purchasing supplies for your own rabbit? No problem thanks to RabbitCentral.com, who will donate 5% of every order that includes the MMC coupon code to our campaign. Click on the green button to place your order. Thank you, RabbitCentral.com!
  • Need a reminder that giving rabbits as Easter gifts is a bad idea? Check out our newest Easter bunny story.
  • Easter is often the occasion for professional photographs of young children in their Easter best. To convey the desired “Easter” theme, live rabbits are often used as props. The sad truth is that these living props are often dumped, in a shelter or outside, once they have served their purpose. Help us stop this cycle of abandonment by just saying “No!” to the use of live rabbits as photographic props. Spread the word by distributing our poster and letter to parents, grandparents, and local photographers.
  • Our Learning Center has a new module: Accessorize Your Bun! If you feel that a rabbit is right for your family, learn what you will need to house your rabbit properly. Joseph Larkin's charming illustrations provide a humorous look at exercise pens, cages, water bowls, and other essentials of house rabbit life.
  • We are now offering a whole new line of “Make Mine Chocolate!™” products! Visit our Cafe Press store and find exciting, new ways to spread the “Make Mine Chocolate!™” message.