2016 Campaign

Make Mine Chocolate! 2016

Two bunnies eating

Yes, we are still here!

This website has not been touched in a long time and we’re hearing concerns that the Make Mine Chocolate! campaign has ceased to exist. Terri Cook, our fearless campaign leader, prefers to hold court on the Make Mine Chocolate! Facebook site. It’s easy to use and provides an open forum for campaign supporters to post their activities and discuss topics of interest. Spend a little time on our Facebook wall and you will find a vibrant community of passionate supporters. Kudos to Terri for keeping the campaign going! So, yes, the campaign is very much alive.

However, we still think there may be value in this website. While Facebook focuses on the “now,” we think a more permanent repository of content would also be useful. In particular, we hope to provide a place where we can document our partners' activities in order to make those ideas available to others. We also hope to expand our educational activities through additional Interactive Bun content.

The software that supports our website has recently received a major upgrade. We see this as a great opportunity to upgrade our website as well.

Our goal is to make this site useful to our partners and anyone interested in learning more about life with rabbits. Got an interesting idea for our website that you would like to share with us? Send it to Sue or Terri.

We hope that you will continue to support the Make Mine Chocolate! campaign!