The Make Mine Chocolate! Store

The “Make Mine Chocolate!™” Product Policy

The “Make Mine Chocolate!™” campaign to discourage the purchase of rabbits as Easter gifts faces the unique challenge of educating potential rabbit purchasers before the purchase is made. In order for this campaign to succeed, we must take our message to the American public.

We offer attractive, high-quality products that can be worn or displayed as a means to spread our message and to encourage dialogue with curious friends and acquaintances. Our prices have been competitively set in order to encourage purchase by as many people as possible.

“Make Mine Chocolate!™” Products

Our original “Make Mine Chocolate!™” pins are sold out and we will no longer sell them. However, we continue to offer other “Make Mine Chocolate!™” merchandise through our Cafe Press store! Mugs, license plate holders, and clothing are just a few of the products that carry the “Make Mine Chocolate!™” logo.

Our sister organization, “Make Mine Chocolate!™” United Kingdom, also offers “Make Mine Chocolate!™” products. Go here to view their products.