Partner With Us

Sadly, unwanted former Easter rabbits are a problem for virtually all rabbit rescues, humane societies, and animal welfare organizations. The goal of the “Make Mine Chocolate!™” campaign is to address the problem at its source: reduce the number of uninformed, impulse purchases by changing the public's attitude towards rabbits.

Building off of the concept of strength in numbers, we believe that our campaign can best grow by working together with other organizations and individuals who share our passion for the “Make Mine Chocolate!™” message. To this end, we have set aside a part of this website to showcase “Make Mine Chocolate!™” activities taking place throughout the world. Please send us your organization's logo, a description of your event and, if possible, any pictures taken of your “Make Mine Chocolate!™” activities or materials.

Feel free to download and distribute our informational materials that provide tips and ideas you can use in your local campaign. We also ask that you mention our campaign wherever appropriate - for example, in your newsletters or other publications, press releases, media interviews, etc. We also ask that you consider posting our logo on your website.

With your help, we can leverage our educational efforts, reaching every community in America. With each partner organization serving its community, we can change the way the public thinks about companion rabbits. And with the “Make Mine Chocolate!™” campaign, we can improve the lives of thousands of domestic rabbits nationwide.

If you have additional questions or would like to partner with us, please contact Terri Cook.