Help Us Celebrate 15 Years of Make Mine Chocolate!

2017 marks the 15th year of the Make Mine Chocolate! campaign. Starting with our signature ceramic pin in the shape of a chocolate bunny, we wanted to start a conversation about rabbit welfare during the Easter season. Our website provides a variety of marketing materials to those interested in carrying out their own MMC activities. “Interactive Bun” provides hands-on activities accessed on the website, offering entertaining opportunities to explore the demands of living with a rabbit. Our Facebook and Twitter presence remains key to building strong ties with our partners and supporters throughout the world. Using a combination of our marketing materials and their own creativity, countless people have brought the campaign's message to their own locales. 

Now it's time to look ahead to the next 15 years. We need to re-think how we communicate our message and everything is open to a fresh look:

  • The look, feel, and content of our website
  • Our education strategy through online and traditional media
  • The design and content of our marketing materials, logo, and other branding materials
  • Our use of social media
  • New types of communication media, activities and events to reach the public who may have little experience with rabbits
  • Everything!

The Internet has significantly increased competition for people's attention, making it even more challenging for  us to get our message out. This is where you come in.  

We're holding a contest for the most creative ways of spreading the Make Mine Chocolate! message. 

If you are interested in participating, either as a submitter or voter, please see our flyer. Direct any questions to Sue.

Thank you for your support!