Rabbits are Complex Creatures with Unique Needs

Rabbit owners were asked to describe their rabbits' personalities in four words. Their answers may surprise you.

Goofy little snuggle puddles
Grumpy loving messy turd
Handsome, cheeky, bullish, nippy
Mischevious creative joyful energetic
Our beloved family members
Curious, nosy, trouble maker
Poop and fur everywhere
A fuzzy little terror
Sweet happy little hopper
The sweetest cuddliest most opinionated love

Sweet boops and kisses
Adorable, feisty, messy, photogenic
Messy, expensive, surprising, wonderful
Loving, nippy, domineering and energetic
Complicated, demanding, messy, beautiful
Smart Sweet Curious Hungry all the time
High-maintenance poo machine

Mischievous, smart, cuddly, (carpet) chewer
He's lucky he's cute
Tenacious, curious, bossy, friend
Silly, bossy, independent, pooper
Timid creature? My butt!
Attitude, messy, social, silly
One-eyed spawn of Satan
Loveable, cuddly, smart, curious
Part of the family

Destructive rabbit
Hidden rabbitt