More Media Coverage!

Alabama EARS is making two appearances on TV this week. Candice Cordell of WVUA TV in Tuscaloosa arranged for them to be on the Midday Show on April 4th. Linda of Alambama EARS will also be on Good Day Alabama on Fox 6 at 8:25 am on Friday, April 6. They said, "yes, we will be bringing Easter baskets with chocolate bunnies!"

Karalee Curry of the Columbus House Rabbit Society and MMC Campaign appeared on the Louie Free radio program at 4pm on April 3rd. Louie Free broadcasts on WGFT 1330AM in Youngstown, Ohio and maintains a blog for his show.

Supporter Lois Veeder contacted her local paper, which resulted in an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer this past Sunday, complete with a picture of a woman holding a bunny. The article entitled "When They Stop Being Cute" appeared on the cover.

Columbus HRS member Wendy Marshner had a letter to the editor published in the April 4th Columbus Dispatch.

Our supporters and Partners are doing a fantastic job of keeping MMC in the news! Keep up the terrific work!