MMC on Louie Free!

Heather Dean was proud to represent "Make Mine Chocolate!" today on the Louie B. Free Radio show this afternoon. It is exciting to speak to someone who is so passionate-and feisty-about the welfare of rabbits.

On the show, Heather discussed the importance of educating the public about what is involved with caring for a rabbit, especially this time of year with pictures of rabbits placed all over Easter cards and candy. Heather emphasized that a chocolate bunny makes a more sensible Easter gift for children.

During a commercial break, Louie B. apologized for getting so worked up about the issue of "Easter dumping." He really does speak from the heart about this issue, being the caretaker of 6 rescued rabbits himself.

We are very fortunate to have partners like Louie B. who dedicate their time to spread the message that rabbits are not disposable pets. He has generously offered to feature "Make Mine Chocolate!" again next week on his radio show so stay tuned!