MMC goes to the Movies!

EastTownCenter30_178x178.jpg "Let's all go to the lobby....Let's all go to the lobby..."

That's right, folks! "Make Mine Chocolate!" is going to the movies! Starting tomorrow - April 22nd - the Make Mine Chocolate! public service announcement (PSA) will be shown at the AMC Theater at Easton in Columbus, Ohio on all 30 screens, before every movie, and on three lobby screens!! Our message that rabbits are not disposable pets or Easter toys will be seen by hundreds, if not thousands, of movie-goers over the next three weeks!

This dream started with the announcement of the movie HOP. We thought it would be wonderful if we could get the PSA shown to coincide with the release of the film. When we investigated what this would take, we found out that our taped copy of the PSA was on old technology. With no way to easily convert it to a useable format, it seemed we were at a standstill.

As I was surfing Facebook one evening, someone suggested it would be great to have the PSA shown on the screens prior to HOP. I mentioned that we had looked into it, but found out our tape would not work in modern equipment. This prompted Toni Greetis of Red Door Animal Shelter in Chicago to press me for details. She said she thought she might be able to get it converted to a digital format, and I gave her the specifics on the tape and the format specifications from AMC. She confirmed that her friend, Rogelio Gazga, co-owner of SPI-tv Media Group, could accomplish the conversion, and I immediately packed the tape off to Chicago! Within days, our tape was converted to an acceptable digital format and ready for upload to AMC's media site. All that was left was to sign the contract and receive upload instructions. And that's where we hit a snag. The contract was signed and faxed on a Friday evening and emails continued to fly over the weekend. With a Monday deadline, Ro attempted to upload the file. The website would not work! In a panic, I called the AMC representative and explained the problem. I begged for an extension to allow us to overnight a CD with the file. The rep said she'd see what she could do, and I waited on pins and needles to hear back. Mid-afternoon, she called with the news that we could send the CD and they would put a rush on it, as the problem had been on their end and not our fault! Whew!! What a relief! Toni and Ro took the CD to FedEx, and we all held our breath.

The following day, I emailed the rep to make sure the CD had been received. She confirmed that it had been, that the file was in the correct format, and that the rush order had been approved. Everything was set. In all of the panic, we seem to have won her over. She wrote that "in my reasoning for the rush I explained about the digidelivery issues but mostly said it was FOR THE BUNNIES!" Now pass the popcorn!