Lucky Rabbit Feet

Patrice, a supporter in the Midwest, says a Walgreen's by her house ("steady yourself-- this is gross") was selling rabbit feet dyed green for St. Patrick's Day as a "good luck charm". Patrice, who loves to watch the rabbits in her yard, and who is also Irish, was TOTALLY grossed out by this.

So she complained.

Walgreen's corporate ("the big office") got back to her within one day after she emailed them. The manager of her local store also sent her an email saying he had never thought about it, he had even gone to the website as she suggested, and he took the feet off the shelf and will not reorder in the future.

So the lesson is... complaining still works.

Patrice adds:

I would like for people to know how they can do this too! The reason I sent this to the attention of MMC was to encourage people to realize how a person can get results about animal cruelty, and oudated practices.

It is SO easy to do this with the websites. Not like years ago when one had to go to the library to look up a company's address, and then call to get the name of someone to contact, and then write a letter...and then to wait to see if you got a response.

I was polite, stated my case, asked them why they were selling such an item, told them about the website (not everyone is aware of animal issues), and wrote that if I didn't get results--my business walks...and it would have.

I also sent the manager a thanks email.

Good job, Patrice - Thanks for speaking up for the rabbits!