2006 "Make Mine Chocolate!" Update

The 2006 "Make Mine Chocolate!" campaign has gotten off to a great start! To begin with, we'd like to welcome some exciting new partners to our program: the Oxbow Hay Company and Rabbit Central - both pet supply companies with large customer bases. Having these partners will increase our exposure across the country. We had responses from Oxbow's link within the first few hours of their posting it, and Rabbit Central has been kind enough to include one of our flyers with every order they ship. Another partner, Leith Petwerks, is including an MMC magnet with orders over a certain dollar amount. We are extremely grateful for their support.

Another exciting development is that we've created "The Interactive Bun" (formerly the Learning Center) to showcase our interactive educational games. Visit our new look here. Watch for our website to be evolving as we add new features and graphics to make it more user-friendly. All of our new features can be found at What's New.

We have added a new ad and flyer - both black/white and color - to our Marketing materials. Created with the assistance of a professional copywriter, these can be used to catch attention in publications and in public display areas. We've streamlined our business cards to fit pre-cut Avery business cards. And we've added labels (formatted for Avery labels) suitable for affixing to your mailing envelopes. Of course, our original flyers, cards, and other materials are still available as well. Check all this out here.

As is typical for this time of year, we are aware that some professional photographers are still offering Easter pictures featuring real rabbits. Please use the "Make Mine Chocolate!" pins, shirts, flyers, ads, and other materials to raise awareness that this practice needs to end. Many studios offer professional photos with charming toy rabbits that are just as cute and much safer for both buns and children. Encourage patronage of these studios where possible.

Finally, I'd like to share a conversation overheard by one of our volunteers at our local shelter. A couple of women were talking about the rabbits. One said to the other, "So-and-so [undoubtedly, a child] would love a bunny." The other woman agreed. And then one of them said, "But you know they say you ought to buy chocolate for Easter." This is confirmation that we are being heard, and by keeping our message out there, we can make a difference. Thank you again for your support of the "Make Mine Chocolate!" campaign. Please contact me if we can be of any assistance in your local campaign.

Best Regards, Terri Cook