March 2008

  • A Voice for MMC

    Tune in tomorrow afternoon at 4:30pm or listen live online to WGFT 1330 in Youngstown, OH.

    Our own Heather Dean will resurrect her radio career to be a guest on the Louie Free Radio Show. Louie is an avid supporters of Make Mine Chocolate! Heather and Louie will chat about rabbits and the campaign, and once he gets going, he'll probably hit on the "Pet Store Whores." We count on him for that!

    Check back later this week for Heather's recap of the interview!

  • MMC in Print

    24 Carrot Coverage

    Tania Fardella of MMC Partner 24 Carrot Lane has been doing double duty spreading the word about Make Mine Chocolate! Not only is her business supporting us, but Tania wrote a fantastic article about Make Mine Chocolate! for the Alameda Sun, a local newspaper in the San Francisco bay area.

    Associated Press Coverage

    Linda Lombardi, writer for the Associated Press, interviewed Mary Cotter, vice-president and education/outreach director of the House Rabbit Society, and Karalee Curry, Chapter Manager of the Columbus House Rabbit Society which runs the MMC campaign. Her article, which includes several facts about living with house rabbits, has been picked up by newspapers around the country. From Lubbock, TX to Waltham, MA and Ventura County, CA to York, PA and Tampa, FL, readers are being educated about the tragic fate of Easter bunnies. The article was even published in Canada ! It also included links to HRS and MMC, and photos of spoiled house rabbits. Well done!!

  • The Search is ON

    Be sure to use Goodsearch on Wednesday, March 12, 2008.

    “Make Mine Chocolate!” will be the Charity of the Day.

    Search the web and support MMC at the same time.

  • MMC in the UK

    Our supporters in Great Britain will be happy to know that the Make Mine Chocolate! signature pins are now available without having to pay for international shipping! The Hay Experts, one of our UK Partners, is carrying the pins on their website. Proceeds from sales of the pins will go to a local rabbit rescue.