March 2008

  • Raffle Winner - Ruth and Dave Nunes!

    Ruth and Dave Nunes from Ohio are the lucky winners of this charming painting created by professional artist, Joseph Larkin! This year's raffle was a tremendous success and we thank everyone for their participation.

  • Happy Easter!

    Hope everybun has a very happy Easter! Thanks so much for all the things YOU do to make the world a better place for bunnies. Keep up the good work!

  • Heather Dean back on Louie Free

    With just a couple of days until Easter Sunday, Heather Dean was anxious to go on the air with Louie B. Free to talk once again about the Make Mine Chocolate! message. Louie asked how she was doing and Heather said "I'm exhausted with Easter right around the corner!" In the brief 10 minute segment, Heather focused on the importance of researching rabbit care before you bring one into the home, paying close attention to how the entire family feels about having a rabbit. Louie B. brought up the fact that when a family decides to adopt a child, they spend months-even years-making sure its the right decision for their family. So why don't more people do the research necessary before bringing a rabbit into the home? Education is the primary goal of Make Mine Chocolate! and with partners like Louie B., we will continue to have the opportunity to talk about this important issue at Easter, and throughout the year.

  • MMC on the Net

    Who doesn't love the internet? We here at MMC sure do, especially when it's used for good to spread the bunny love.

    BunSpace Discussion Forums Check out the the MMC discussion on BunSpace. Personally, I'm a sucker for BunSpace.

    Blogging These folks are spreading the MMC message on their own blogs. Some of them may be a little unconventional, but their thinking is right on target.

    The Pet Blog

    Animal Attraction's Exotic Pets blog

    The Looney Lagoon

    Shade and Sweetwater

    The Montgomery County (MD) Public Library

    The Left Handed Rabbit

    jot and tittle


    These are just a few of the terrific places MMC has popped up online. Word of mouth - or text - is the most powerful tool we have in spreading the word that rabbits are not disposable pets. Keep typing!

  • More MMC on Louie Free

    Heather Dean will again be a guest on the Louie B. Free Radio show at 10:00am on Friday, March 21st. Heather and Louie will talk more about "Make Mine Chocolate!" (and don't forget the "Pet Store Whores").

    Listen to Louie's show live online to WGFT 1330 in Youngstown, OH.

  • Local News Coverage for MMC

    The "Make Mine Chocolate!" campaign was featured on NBC4 Midday today. Heather Dean had the opportunity to speak with NBC4 Anchor Anietra Hamper about the importance of educating the public about the responsibilities that come with having a rabbit, and that rabbits aren't necessarily good pets for children.

    Anietra really focused on the fact that rabbits make fantastic pets, but they should not be an impulse purchase at Easter. Heather talked about the fact that rabbits have just as many needs as cats and dogs, and can live 10 years or longer. Heather also made sure to mention that viewers can log on to www.makeminechocolate.orgto decide whether a pet rabbit is right for them. The producers even aired a graphic with the information from our campaign flyer to emphasize things that should be considered before bringing a rabbit into one's home. Anietra was once a bunny parent herself so she certainly appreciated our dedication to helping spread the word that live rabbits do not make good Easter gifts for children. Make Mine Chocolate! Place a chocolate rabbit or a stuffed toy in the Easter basket this year.

    We certainly appreciate NBC4's continued support of the "Make Mine Chocolate!" campaign. Their support allows us to spread the MMC message to viewers all over Central Ohio.



  • Lucky Rabbit Feet

    Patrice, a supporter in the Midwest, says a Walgreen's by her house ("steady yourself-- this is gross") was selling rabbit feet dyed green for St. Patrick's Day as a "good luck charm". Patrice, who loves to watch the rabbits in her yard, and who is also Irish, was TOTALLY grossed out by this.

    So she complained.

    Walgreen's corporate ("the big office") got back to her within one day after she emailed them. The manager of her local store also sent her an email saying he had never thought about it, he had even gone to the website as she suggested, and he took the feet off the shelf and will not reorder in the future.

    So the lesson is... complaining still works.

    Patrice adds:

    I would like for people to know how they can do this too! The reason I sent this to the attention of MMC was to encourage people to realize how a person can get results about animal cruelty, and oudated practices.

    It is SO easy to do this with the websites. Not like years ago when one had to go to the library to look up a company's address, and then call to get the name of someone to contact, and then write a letter...and then to wait to see if you got a response.

    I was polite, stated my case, asked them why they were selling such an item, told them about the website (not everyone is aware of animal issues), and wrote that if I didn't get results--my business walks...and it would have.

    I also sent the manager a thanks email.

    Good job, Patrice - Thanks for speaking up for the rabbits!

  • Hop on Down the Bunny Trail in Knoxville!

    The Young-Williams Animal Center in Knoxville, TN is planning a fun Easter event:

    When: Saturday, March 22, 10:00 – 10:00 am

    Where: Young-Williams Animal Center, 3201 Division Street, Knoxville, TN 37919

    Visit the Animal Center for some spring fun! There will be an egg hunt (bring your own basket), rabbit education station, an opportunity to make a shelter rabbit a toy, an area for kids’ crafts, give-aways and treats, light refreshments, and adoptable animals--including rabbits! Contact Deonna Light at or 865-215-6662 for more information about this fun and FREE event.

  • MMC on AOL's Food Section

    Check out AOL's Food section on Sunday, March 16, 2008 for a feature on chocolate bunnies and where Make Mine Chocolate! will be highlighted. A big thanks to Kat Kinsman, AOL's Food editor and "proud mom to 3 glorious bunnies" adopted through the HRS Chapter in New York City.

  • MMC on Louie Free!

    Heather Dean was proud to represent "Make Mine Chocolate!" today on the Louie B. Free Radio show this afternoon. It is exciting to speak to someone who is so passionate-and feisty-about the welfare of rabbits.

    On the show, Heather discussed the importance of educating the public about what is involved with caring for a rabbit, especially this time of year with pictures of rabbits placed all over Easter cards and candy. Heather emphasized that a chocolate bunny makes a more sensible Easter gift for children.

    During a commercial break, Louie B. apologized for getting so worked up about the issue of "Easter dumping." He really does speak from the heart about this issue, being the caretaker of 6 rescued rabbits himself.

    We are very fortunate to have partners like Louie B. who dedicate their time to spread the message that rabbits are not disposable pets. He has generously offered to feature "Make Mine Chocolate!" again next week on his radio show so stay tuned!