December 2005

  • 2006 Campaign

    The new year is just around the corner and it's time for the 2006 "Make Mine Chocolate!" campaign to begin!

    This year is going to be particularly special. Professional artist, Joseph Larkin, has donated a very special painting that will be raffled off on Easter Sunday. Proceeds from raffle ticket sales will go to supporting our "Make Mine Chocolate!" public relations campaign. We will be purchasing advertising space this year in several newspapers and our public service announcement will appear on cable television stations. By purchasing "Make Mine Chocolate!" raffle tickets, you will help us further spread the word that live rabbits do not make good Easter presents. You may also be the lucky person who gets to hang this lovely painting on your wall.

    We have also completed a new learning module called "What will you feed your rabbit?" Rabbits have unique dietary requirements. Learn about them before you bring that darling little bunny home.

    We hope that you will support this year's campaign. Please send your comments and suggestions to us.

    Happy New Year!